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Client Testimonials

Joana C.

This was the second time I have ever received a facial treatment - my first one from another business was traumatic and painful. Julie listened to my concerns and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She talked me through each step and let me know what to expect. The service she provided was an experience! My skin is happy & glowing.

Thankful for such a talented friend that gives the most amazing customized facials tailored to my constantly changing skin. Make sure to reach out to her for all your FACECARE needs!

Diane K.

Julie is a true professional.  Her skills will leave your skin moisturized, glowing, and healthy.  She communicates clearly from scheduling, to the products and procedures she will be using, and post follow-up with information and recommendations based on your skin type.  She's thorough and her setup is clean.  Her friendliness and welcoming personality helps make the service experience all around a positive one.  Best of all, the price point of her services is fantastic for the quality of products and service.  I am a repeat client of Julie and so are my family and friends.  She is THAT good.

Rina C.

I'm so glad to have an esthetician I can trust with my skin! Julie is very thorough and gentle and creates such a relaxing experience during our sessions. She's very informative and helpful if you have any questions or need suggestions on products to use. I highly recommend booking an appointment with her.

Stephanie T.

Julie is truly the best of the best.  She's incredibly professional, accommodating, and has done wonders for my skin.  With every appointment, my skin feels clean, refreshed, and rejuvenated.  Julie has also made product recommendations specific to my skin type that have done wonders for my skin regimen.  She is great about checking in with me after my appointments, which shows how much she cares about her clients and our comfort.  In addition to the individual facials I've had with Julie, I've also been part of group sessions with our girlfriends, which were fun and such a great idea for ladies days!  I highly recommend Julie for facials and skincare--the personalization she offers is unmatched, and it would be hard for me to trust anyone else with my skin

Diana D.

I have gone through many skin care regimen but Julie's facial was the most effective. Julie was incredibly knowledgeable and knew what my skin issues were. I thought for the longest time I was only combination skin but she noticed I'm also dry AND combination. She gave my friends and I a personalized skin regimen along with products she used during the facial, budget friendly products that work similarly to what she used, and how to use them. I honestly could not appreciate more for her knowledge and the skin regimen.

At one point I thought of going back to R&F since I can easily order from a friend, but Julie's budget friendly products that are also over the counter worked just as well as the Glymed products that she used during my facial. Sometime after the facial I purchased almost all of the Glymed products except 1 because it was sold out, so I was a bit nervous to keep commiting to them if they don't restock as often. Hence why when I bought the over the counter recs I was so relieved and thankful the work well.

Hands down a HUGE must to book your facial sessions with Julie.

Jennifer J.

Been with Julie for over 3-4 months and I'm happy to say I found my esthetician! As you all may know how difficult it is to find one that's actually knowledgeable and take the time to analyze your skin. She customized facials based on your skin type and also provide a list of skincare routine that she would rec (she can make one w whatever products you have at home or the products that she believes in! And it could be affordable). Conversation has always been easy with Julie and she's super kind, super informative and super patient with all of my q's. She always respond quick as well and I'm so grateful for Julie! I can't wait for my next session

Phoebe T.

Julie is the best when it comes to facial and skincare knowledge. She's been my one and only one esthetician since March. Her hand is so gentle, her voice is very calm and soothing, her studio is so cute also. I always fall asleep while getting facial. When my skin got irritated so bad, she was kind and patient instruct me how to take good care of my skin.

Nhi P.

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